Kalpa Kinnaur Tour Package

5 Days - 4 Nights
  • Kinnaur

The Kalpa Kinnaur tour packages are one of the best packages available for a holiday in Himachal. The tourism on the rise in the Kinnaur valley constantly and the winters usually faces heavy snowfall in the area. The budget packages available give all tourists a chance to have a look at this beautiful area.

Kalpa Kinnaur Tour Guide:

The area still remains unexplored and there is not much information about the place. But during recent years, tourism has increased at a rapid speed. At the time of your visit make sure that you do all of the bookings ahead of the time and the cab drivers are trained as well as aware of the area. There are packages available from major cities like Delhi.

The best time to visit Kalpa Kinnaur:

You can visit the place from the months of March to October. This will be the time when you can enjoy the beautiful view of the valleys and the peaceful environment will keep you relaxed. Also, the climate and fresh air are what the visitors can look forward to.

More about Kinnaur:

Kinnaur remains as one of the most popular districts in the 12 major administrative districts of Himachal Pradesh. The district headquarters of Kinnaur is Recongpeo. In the eastern side of Kinnaur is Tibet and the northeast corner has Himachal Pradesh. From the state capital of Shimla, there are three high mountain ranges found n the area by the name Himalayas, Zanskar, and Dhauldhar.
There are enclosed valleys called Spiti, Sutlej and Baspa Ropa that is also called as Sunnam and Hangrang with the tributaries. Mainly Kinnaur is divided into three areas or tehsils that includes:

  • Nichar
  • Pooh
  • Kalpa

Kinnaur is one of the very popular tourist places and people from all over the country love to visit the place during summers. The popularity of Kinnaur is so huge that people from other countries as well make sure they visit the place when they make a visit to India.

Some of the mythology state that Kinners were the descendants of the Pandavas. They are the beings that are halfway men and the gods that have supernatural powers. It is also said that they come from the Rajput, Beru and Khosias castes. These cultural researches have made the place exploration a more interesting and desirable one.

Details about Kalpa:

Kalpa is also a famous city of Kinnaur and is well known for the Buddhist culture and the temples. It is located very close to the foot of Kinner Kailash that is 6050 meters. There are special tour packages available that covers both Kalpa and Kinnaur.

This place is the amazing home to Lord Shiva and the breathtaking beauty of the city is even more wonderful during the early mornings and the golden nights. You can also make a small but interesting visit to the Roghi Village as it is a picnic point that is near Kalpa and be sure that you don’t miss it.


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