Rental Packs Holidayers Agreement

  • I have read & accepted the full Terms & Conditions of Rental Packs Holidayers.
  • I have inspected the motorcycle(s) prior to signing this agreement and have checked they are in a satisfactory and safe condition and fit for purpose.
  • We will not undertake any manoeuvre which is beyond our level of skill or unsuitable for the bikes capability.
  • Rental Packs Holidayers will not be responsible injury to myself or any third party.
  • I declare that we are in good health and our eyesight is up to the standard required for a road driving test. We are not suffering from any medical conditions or disability which is likely to adversely affect our normal control of the motorcycle.
  • I accept that cycle helmets have been offered and should I decide not to use them then I accept full responsibility. I have inspected the helmets & equipment prior to signing this agreement for any defects or damage.
  • I recognise that motorcycle can be dangerous and acknowledge the risks involved.
  • I understand that in event of a mechanical failure other than punctures, Rental Packs Holidayers will offer a collection service but reserves the right to charge a fee.

Download disclaimer pdf