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The Cold Desert Mountain Valley of India – Spiti Valley

May 17, 2018
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[kkstarratings]Ever fancied a cold desert valley, that too in India! , Come and visit the great Spiti Valley. Spiti means the middle land. It is the mass of land which separates Tibet from India. Located in the north eastern part of the beautiful Himachal Pradesh, this place is certainly not for the faint-hearted. Spiti is the Sub. Division of Lahaul & Spiti 1 district with its headquarter at Kaza. It is called “Little Tibet” because it has almost the same terrain, vegetation and climate. If you are looking for some nirvana then this is the place. It’s a hotbed of Vajrayana Buddhism. It lies between Tibet, Ladakh, Kinnaur. Lahaul and Kulu. From Shimla via Kinnaur there is a moterable road which remains open upto Kaza for eight to nine months. In the wake of modern world food and lodging is not an issue with the region.

Heaven for people who like silence

Spiti is almost like a heaven for people who like silence coupled with some meditation and natural beauty. The place is really a wonder of nature. Imagine a desert which is bone-chillingly cold. Spiti also houses some of the best Buddhist monasteries in the world. In fact, one of them is favorite of Dalai Lama. The valley is not wide but there are villages and some fields where the people grow barley, peas and vagetables. Some inhabitants have adopted Buddhism as their faith and Bhoti is the language. The people are simple and honest. Overall Spiti packs some stunning natural beauty and immense calm. It’s a perfect destination to wind up for someone who has worked too long and too hard. So, Come and relax your nerves in this wonderland called Spiti.

The sight of mountains in Spiti is unique. The Spiti river is fast through deep gorges at some places. The main Spiti valley has Eastern and Western valleys. They are connected with Ladakh & Tibet on Eastern side and Kinnaur and Kulu with Western side through high passes.

The valley has divided into 4 regions like:-

  1. Sham: Lower region of the valley on both sides of Spiti river.
  2. Bhar: Middle region. it is the local name of Spiti valley between the points where Shilla nallah meets Spiti river.
  3. Tud: Higher region. All places above Bhar region fall in this region.
  4. Pin: Both sides of Pin river.

Spiti has many beautiful peaks, valleys and high passes with glaciers which offer a very interesting trekking trips. Being restricted. it still remains un-spoiled and un-expiored.

The foreign tourists have to approach the Ministry of Home Affairs. Govemment of India, New Delhi for such a permission.

Monasteries in Spiti Valley

There are many gompas in this valley but it has also some important and famous monasteries. a brief description is given:

  1. Key Monastery:- The biggest centre of Buddhist learning in Spiti Valley, Key Monastery is over 1000-year-old. It is the oldest training centre for Lamas. It is located at a height of 13,668 feet above mean sea level in Lahaul Spiti district of Himachal Pradesh in north India.
  2. Kungrl Gompa:- It is situated in the Pin valley about 10 km. from Attargo where Spill river has to be crossed to enter Pin valley. it is serving the population of Pin valley.
  3. Dhankar Monastery:-It is situated about 25 km. east of Kaza and serving eastern part of central Spill. Dhankar is a big village and erstwhile capital of Spill King. On top of a hill there is a tort which used to be the prison in olden times. The Monastery has about 100 Lamas and is in possession of Buddhist scriptures in Bhoti language. Principal tlgure is a Statue of ‘Vairochana” (Dhayan Buddha) consisting of 4 complete figures seated back in back. it has miles in the shape of paintings and sculptures.
  4. Tabo Monastery:- It is another big gompa for serving the population of eastern side. it is 10th century old and is located 50 km. from Kaza. It is a famous Gompa next to Tholing Gompa in Tibet. It has about 60 Lamas and has big collection of scriptures. wall paintings etc. Murals of this gompa have a great similarity to that of Ajanta paintings.

Spiti Valley tour packages

Planning a trip to the heavens, come and visit the great Spiti Valley. A place which promises soul-enchanting experiences. Feel the culture and people of this cold desert. We assure you of an experience that you will never forget. So, don’t wait to pack up your bags and visit our website for the best Spiti valley tour packages.

Best Time to visit Spiti Valley

The best time to visit Spiti valley for people traveling from the plains or other places is between may last week to September end. The weather is tolerable and enjoyable between these months.

How to get there

There are two routes to enter Spiti.

  1. From Manali via Rohtang Pass to Kaza the headquarter of Spiti. Manali is connected by Air and Road. From Manali there is a regular bus from July to October.
  2. From Shimla via Kinnaur. Shimla is connected by Air, Rail Road. From here by buses to Kaza from May to October.

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